We are so honored to be hosting these fantastic presenters for the 2019 Lakeside Conference. Each speaker was hand picked based on their experience and content knowledge for their topic. 

Robin Walker Women's Business Workshop
Women's Business Workshop Lakeside Conference


Womens's Business Workshop

The 1 Thing That Your Business is Missing and How to Use it to Grow.

Jennifer Paffi


SunFrog Wholesale

Business Growth: Achieving, Managing, and Planning For Growth in Your Business. 

Carrie Sharpe He Says She Says
Carrie Sharpe Networking for your small business


He Says, She Says

In Person Networking: Painless and Productive Ways to Cultivate Your Community.

Jenni Schubring
Jenni Schubring Life Coach


Jenni Schubring LLC

Go Forth and Conquer: Embracing Vulnerability and Creating a Space to Succeed. 

Women's Business Workshop
Veronica Staudt Vintage Meet Modern
Vintage Meet Modern Veronica Staudt


Vintage Meet Modern

Workshop: Build With What You Have- How to Build and Grow A Business Literally With What You Have

Veronica took a box headed to the trash and turned it into a 6 figure business. She tells the truth about the ups and downs, doing things in the wrong order, overcoming mindset issues, and using what she had to grow and scale the business. 

Billie Anne Grigg
Profit First


Pocket Protecting Bookkeeping 

Workshop: How to put PROFIT FIRST in Your Business

Billie Anne is a Profit First Professional and will be showing you how to set up your business to ensure profit is part of every sale. You do not need to have read the book, Profit First. 

Lindsey Johnson Verity and co
Verity and Co Copywriting services


Verity & Co.

Workshop: Creating a Cohesvely Branded Client Experience - How the brand experience can build credibility, raving fans, and returning clients.

Lndsey Johnson helps business owners brand cohesively through her branding agency, Verity and Co.

Women's Business Conference
Bobbi Baehne
Bobbi Baehne Social Media Marketing


Think Big Go Local

Workshop: How to Turn Your Instagram Account Into a Tool For Success

Bobbi is our go-to social media expert! Our audience is blown away every year with Bobbi's expertise, relatability, and actionable steps she gives generously. This workshop is perfect for anyone that has an IG account, but is looking for ways to use it more effectively and consistently.

Paula RIpple

Paula Ripple Organize Well


Organize Well

Workshop: Stress Less, Do More - Take the Clutter Out of Your Brain and Turn it Into Action

Paula is a professional organizer that will teach you how systems, boundaries, and forgiveness will boost your productivity and help you achieve your goals.

Angie Trueblood

Angie Trueblood Pitching for small business


Angie Trueblood

Workshop: Pitch Please - How to Personalize this Necessary Business Skill

If you have ever been hesitant to share your business with other influencers, Angie will show you how to uncover strategic visibility opportunities, position your expertise, and begin piching in a way that feels authentic to your mission.

Lakeside Conference
Standing Out in Your Niche Lakeside Conference


Minnie's Travel Boutique

Workshop: Building Your Business Authentically - How to Use Your Uniqueness to Stand Out and Attract Dream Clients in a Crowded Marketplace.

Learn to set yourself apart in a crowded market by connecting to the parts of your personality that make you unique. Create your own style that attracts your dream clients and have them build business for you!

Sales Conversation Email Lakeside Conference


Sales Maven

Workshop: Emails That Convert: Getting a Response

Nikki, an expert in sales, will teach you a more effective way to connect with your clients over email. Stand out among the myriad of clutter in their inbox and write messages people will actually read and respond to.

Lakeside Conference Facebook Ad Expert


EIEIO Marketing

Workshop: Advanced Facebook Ad Strategies- Simplified!

Meg, a former Facebook employee, Lets you in on the inside scoop about facebook and the power of ads. Meg will go beyond the boost to teach you how to make Ad Manager work for your business. Best suited for someone that has dabbled in Ad Manager. 

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Do you have a skill or product that would benefit female entrepreneurs, or women looking to start their own business? We are looking for companies that would like to support the women's business community, while getting new exposure and visibility for their company.  

Increase your company's brand awareness by getting in front of your ideal client. Build trust and rapport as you set your company apart as a supporter of women in business. Creative packages are open to discussion.