Get more out of your next business booth event

This online masterclass training is for you if:

  • You want to increase the conversion rate of visitors to customers at your booth
  • You want to get more strategic leads or connections from your booth, and want a more natural feeling follow up plan
  • It feels like there is more you could be doing to take advantage of event traffic, you just aren't sure what
  • You don't usually have a formal plan, just wing it, or you are looking to start hosting booths soon.
Boost Your Booth online masterclass


  • Online Course with 6 Training Videos
  • Booth Strategy Checklist
  • Course Access for 6 months
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This masterclass will be covering the 3 steps of booth strategy:


Choosing best fit opportunities

Forming your strategic plan based on your business goals

Prep List

During the Event

Attracting your ideal client

Converting to followers, buyers, or strategic connections

Calls to Action


Staying connected

Future sales potential

Follow up that feels natural

This course is prerecorded and can be completed from anywhere on your own schedule.

Who is this a good fit for?

Professionals who host booths for their small business, non-profit organization, sales position, product or service based businesses.

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Course Content:

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