If you just had the work time and the accountability, you know you could take your business to the next level.

You can't seem to follow through on all your ideas. You need a solid plan.

You love feedback from peers, sharing new ideas, and getting that push to reach higher.

You need to carve out dedicated time to work on your business.

Q4 Theme: Setting a Q4 goal and scheduling your holiday calendar.

You need a planning circle with the added advantage of an accountability mastermind.

Quarterly Planning

Quarterly Goal Planning Workshop Goals & Planning Guide Progress Report Check-ins Peer Feedback & Support


Mastermind Group Calls Co-working Zoom Calls Mid and End of Quarter Check-in Facebook Group Support


Small Mastermind Peer Group meets twice a month for consistency 


“Being in a group with like minded women where there is no judgement, and everyone is welcoming growth, is hugely beneficial as a woman and business owner! I highly recommend this! In addition, it forced me to carve out time to work on my goals and really focus on what the needs of the business really are.

Amy S.

“We are all so busy, so carving time out to focus on thinking, brainstorming, and planning your activity and making sure it aligns with your goals, is so important. The support and community you will get from Robin and this group just propels you that much faster and inspires you to dream big! Highly recommend this!”

Katie A.

Goal Setting Webinar

Each quarter, there will be a live goal setting webinar. We will strategically plan a goal and an action list to complete over the following 3 months.

New for Q4! We will not only plan out your Q4 goal and action plan, but we will map out your holiday schedule so you can plan worktime, all the holday activities, and find time for some days off. Go from Busy to Boss!

In round 1, some women accomplished more than one goal!

mastermind accountbility
coworking networking mastermind group

Co-Working Calls

The last month of each quarter the group will host a Last Dash Co-Working Call.

This is a great opportunity to carve out dedicated work time to finish tasks leading to your quarterly goal. 

Mastermind Groups

Your small mastermind group of 5-7 business peers will meet on a zoom call twice a month. 

Your group will provide feedback, support, and the kick in the butt you may need to keep your momentum.

Fast Acting Bonus!

Q$ Goals and Calendar Workshop

At the start of each quarter, the Quarterly Goal Planning Workshop helps you strategically plan a goal and action step list for the next 3 months. 

As a bonus this quarter, we will also be planning out our calendar to best enjoy our holidays. We will be blacking out days for family, scheduling work time, and making sure we include time for the holiday activities we love. Think of what a relief this will be to have planned out!

holiday sales workshop

Holiday Posts & Promos Workshop (retails $97)

In this online workshop, we will create a holiday promotion that will help you met your Q4 goal. We wil strategically plan content and posts around this promo. Then we will schedule your coordinating social media plan.

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Q4 1:1 Coaching Days

Get a special group-only rate for 1:1 sessions during Q4. 

50 minutes for $50 (reg $90+)

Want to get on a call and see if this group is for you and your business?

Let's take a few minutes and chat about your goals and what has been in the way of reaching them.

Calls open now for Q4.

Or are you ready to save your spot? 

  • September 15- 30: Cart opens for Quarter 4 
  • September 30: Cart closes for Q4
  • October 1: Q4 group begins!
  • October 1: Q4 Goal and Calendar Planning Workshop
  • October 15: Holiday Promotion Workshop