Women's Business Lakeside Conference

You know that post-conference overwhelmed feeling?

That event bag that doesn't get opened for another 6 months?

Let's remedy that, and leverage the amazing insights and skills you will gain at the 2020 Lakeside Conference. Don't let all of those amazing ideas go to waste.

New for 2020! 

in person intensive lakeside conference

Stay around Wednesday morning for a bonus session that will maximize your conference experience. Leave the event organized, focused, and ready to take action.

Reflect and Get Organized

We will start with a guided reflection session to draw out your insights, a-ha moments, and remaining ideas you have from the conference.

Next, I will help you strategically organize your binder, conference notes, business cards, and new ideas. 

Create a Networking Plan

One of the most powerful outcomes of an in person event is the new relationships. Unfortunately many attendees fail to follow up in a timely or strategic manner.

We will prioritize your connections, create a plan to follow up, and put it in your schedule.

Choose a Strategic First Focus

Most attendees walk away from the conference with muliple new ideas, tech opportunities, and directions for their business. 

We will work through a 4 step planning process to determine what you should focus on first.

Get 1:1 feedback from Robin on your First Focus.

Make an Action Plan For Implementation

Great ideas are wonderful, but aren't worth much if nothing is ever implemented.

Set up your action plan for your First Focus, complete with steps and deadlines.

Check in during our April follow-up zoom call for accontability and to report your success!

Reserve Your Seat 
get more clients for small business

Wednesday, March 11, 2020: 9:30-11:30 am

The Ridge Hotel: Bean & Vine coffee shop

Follow-up Zoom Call:

The group will be invited to join in a live online group call one month following the conference, for accountability and to encourage follow through with your action plans.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to go to the Lakeside Conference to attend?

A. Yes, this work session is only available to attendees, speakers, and sponsors of the 2020 Lakeside Conference. This must be purchased in addition to the event ticket.

Q: When is this session held?

A. Wednesday morning March 11, following the conference, we will meet at 9:30am in the hotel lobby.

Q: How big is the group?

A. The group will have a minimum of 5 participants, and a maximum of 15.

Q: Who is this a good fit for?

A. This session will be helpful for anyone that is looking for clarity and direction following the conference. It is common to be overwhelmed after an in-person event, and not take action on what you learned. You will receive help organizing your materials and new contacts, choosing a strategic next step, and creating an action step list to complete it.

Wonder if this is a good fit for your business? Drop me a note at Robin@womensbusinessworkshop.com and let's chat.