Keep Your Business Momentum This Summer!

Are you looking for ways to work at home this summer with kids? 

How To Work at Home With Toddlers & Babies

Prepping For Summer

Summer Activity List for Kids

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Summer Activities
Summer Activity List for Kids

Mom Boss Summer Tips

Using the Library for Summer Survival

Keep kids Engaged With an Options Board

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Summer help with kids
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Summer Surival Guide Workbook

If you are going to be working from home this summer or just need a plan for your kids, We’ve got you covered. we’ve planned out tons of activities to keep kids happy and occupied so you can get your stuff done! We also put together instructions for setting up office hours and A PLAN for the summer. 

You will get a workbook with ideas, worksheets, and printables. And we won’t leave you there. You will also be invited to join our private facebook group of business moms! It’s a place to share ideas, get feedback, and ask questions.

Over 30 pages of:

  • Printables
  • Checklists
  • How To's
  • Activities

How about some done for you summer plans?

Get weekly plans for you and your kids in your inbox all summer! Planned by a former teacher and with the mom boss in mind.

Each week you will receive: 

  • A theme for the week (beach, sports, zoo, etc). 
  • 1 EASY crockpot recipe (4-5 ingredients max). 
  • 3 snack and 3 lunch ideas that most school-agers can make on their own. 
  • 3 self guided kid’s activities so you can work. 
  • A weekly outing suggestion. 
  • A weekly business challenge for Mom (with a printable worksheet). 
  • A shopping list for the food and activities for the week.

Summer Survival Online Workshop

Are you saying 'My kids won't leave me alone.' or 'I've tried everything- I need to get them off screnes all summer!'

I will walk you through step by step on how to do #allthethings this summer. Yes, baby step by baby step. One thing at a time until your summer is scheduled!

But summer is not just about activities on a calendar. I use my teaching experience to walk you through how to implement these strategies with your kids. Yes- your kids CAN leave you alone for bits of time. We will get it done together.

Let's avoid the mommy guilt this summer and actually make time for both work and play. The pool is waiting!

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