women's business workshop

It is time to make a plan.

You want to increase your pool of potential buyers.

You want to be seen an as expert in your industry.

Imagine having a plan on how to be seen more, and the time to start implementing.

No more wondering how you can be featured and secure guest expert opportunities.

Reserve July 21 for a Business Planning and Implementing time to map out your goals and action steps..

There will be guided strategic planning, followed by small group brainstorming, and time to implement some of your ideas.

1. Visibility Strategy

Business strategy coach and instructor, Robin Walker, will help the group map out some potential visibility opportunities and discuss what to have in place first before pitching.

2. Small Group Brainstorm

We will be breaking into smaller zoom rooms to give you time to get ideas, feedback, and partnerships for visibility for your business.

3. Plan Creation

Take time to research, create or outline your visibility plan. Determine where you want to be seen and who you need to contact.

4. Implementation

We will take some time to begin pitching, writing emails, reaching out to potential contacts, or taking action on your plan. Using the accountability of the group to report back to is hugely beneficial!

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Why do I need a visibility plan?

When you run your own business, you need to keep attracting new customers. Often times, an owner will spend time on marketing but not necessarily visibility. Visibility is the opportunity to be put you in front of new audiences in a position of expertise- as an authority in the industry.

These opportunities take forethought, some foundational pieces, and time to reach out for opportunities.

In this workshop, you will have the time to map out a plan, peers to bounce ideas off of in a small group, and the accountability of reporting back to the group to get some pitches sent.

Let's go ladies! Let's get you seen.