Ready for a better plan?

But don't know where to begin?

Or how to follow through?

It is time for...

a more strategic alignment of offers, content, and activity,

with a plan laid out so you can move forward with intention.

(and actually implement that plan!)

Join us in the Plan Your Year Online Course Group
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Vision and Intentions Set
Financial Goals Set
Content Thems and projects mapped out
calendar scheduled

Start your year with a plan- know where you are going and the action steps you can start taking to get there. Join us for dedicated time to outline that strategic plan to make this your best year yet.

Join us for the 6th year of the program!

Even if you don't like to plan, or haven't followed through in the past- we can help! Grab live support for Q1.

What will we be covering?  

  • Topic 1: Year in Review - Looking back on last year and assessing business stats, sales, productivity, and processes.  
  • Topic 2: Looking Ahead - Ideal work/family conditions, revenue goal setting, growth strategy
  • Topic 3: Mapping out the Plan - Strategic content, promotions and offers, goal action steps
  • Topic 4: Scheduling and calendaring your best year yet. Putting your plan in action. 

How is the course set-up?

Course content, planning sheets, and learning videos are all available in DIY format 24 hours a day on our learning platform. Complete the online course portion when it works for you!

If live support and follow up accountability is what you need, you can hop into the program facebook group, or you can add one on one calls with Robin.

The course content is available online to participants through March 31, 2023. This gives you accountability to complete your work and avoid this ending up in your 'course graveyard' incompleted.

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What is included:

Plan Your Year Course- Hosted on the Searchie interactive course platform. Captioned, searchable videos, with progress saved for hopping in and out of the course. Course access available for Q1 2023.

Pop Up Facebook Group- Get ideas and feedback, and meet other business owners in the group throughout Q1. Planning tips, reminders, monthly affirmations, and encouragement will happen throughout the quarter.

Targeted Email Accountability- Stay on track with email inspiration and accountability delivered based on your response activity.

Optional 1 on 1 Calls- Add coaching calls ala carte for some additional strategy and accountability while you plan. These minisessions are available at a special group price. Book when you register for the best price of only $47/minisession. Regularly $197 for a full session.

New Years sale ends january first

2 Bonus Course Modules

Free access to the Pep Talk Podcast

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I'm Robin Walker. Business owners and entrepreneurs come to me for a plan to grow or optimize their business, and how to be more productive and intentional in their work day. I help them clarify where they want to be, what the next best step is, and how they are going to get there.

I have been running successful businesses for over 15 years. This Plan Your Year course is in its 7th year and keeps getting better!

Let's dig into your business and create a plan for your best year yet!

Let's work together! Sign up here.

Why an online course?

You are busy. You have your own unique schedule.

Get your coursework done when it is convenient for you- Anywhere and anytime.

Avoid the course graveyard with the live support that you need. Get support in the facebook group, in your inbox, and in optional 1 on 1 calls throughout Q1, help you get personal motivation, community, and accountability that you need to *finish* the coursework and get on your way to your best year yet.

It is time for a new outcome! Let's get planning.

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