plan your year 2021 group intensive program

A bigger vision.

A more strategic alignment of offers, content, and activity.

The time is set aside for you to plan how to meet that big 2021 goal.

Start your year with a plan- know where you are going and the action steps you can start taking to get there. Join us for dedicated time to outline that strategic plan to make 2021 your best year yet.

This is designed exclusively for female small business owners, creatives, contractors, and entrepreneurs who are looking for ideas and accountability to plan out their business strategy and calendar for 2021, and looking for connection with other entrepreneurs.

This is the fifth year for the program with added new content for 2021.

plan your year female entrepreneur workshop get your year planned and reach your goal

Let me help you clarify your strategy and plan your business calendar for 2021.

I will provide guidance, coaching, planning materials, and over 15 years of business and teaching experience. 

Robin Walker Women's Business Workshop

What will we be covering?  

  • Topic 1: Year in Review - Looking back on 2020 and assessing business stats, sales, productivity, and processes.  
  • Topic 2: Looking Ahead - Ideal work/family conditions, revenue goal setting, growth strategy
  • Topic 3: Mapping out the 2021 Plan - Strategic content, promotions and offers, goal action steps
  • Topic 4: Scheduling and calendaring your best year yet. Putting your plan in action. 

Why outline your year? Why this workshop?  

  • Time set aside to complete your plan with no distraction and the accountability of the group, so you don't put it off. 
  • Be intentional with your schedule, your offers, your product launches for the year. Less winging it. 
  • Anticipate your income sources and plan for more consistency. 
  • Balance the over busy and the slow seasons by planning ahead.  
  • Guidance and coaching on business strategy 
  • Group feedback and support
  • Follow up for accountability to complete your plan

Program Dates: January 11-- 15, 2021

[January 11] Session 1: 9:00 - 11:00 am CST, Session 2: 12:00 - 2:00 pm CST

[January 15] Progress Report Check-in Call 11:00 am CST

Private pop-up facebook group open all week for accountability and encouragement (and to meet new friends!)

Yup! This is perfect. I am in!

Why is this workshop in mid-January if we are planning for the new year?

For real. Think about it. 

Who has time to devote in December? We are BUSY. And we want to spend time with our family.

You need at least a week of recovery time after the holiday school break before your brain will function properly.

You haven't finished filing your 2020 receipts and invoices. You can't reflect on what you don't know.

You can book it and forget it until the new year, and enjoy your family and peppermint lattes in the meantime.

plan your year workshop female entrepreneur business owner
female entrepreneurs year planning goals strategy business owners workshop
6 spots left!

Do you need more than a workshop? Need some accountability to follow through on your plan throughout the year?

When you register for the Impact Business Circle, you will be able to participate in the Plan Your Year program AND hop in a mastermind group for Q1 (must be an active member at the time of the events in order to participate.)

All this for $79/ month. (This is less than the cost for the workshop.)

Impact Business Circle where strategy meets accountability
This is even better! Let me check out the group.

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